Lip fillers in nyc

Natural lip contouring allows you to achieve a natural increase in lips thanks to hyaluronic acid fillers injections. Lip filler injections in NYC can be done at the A.Maks Aesthetics Med Spa.

How much are lip fillers in NYC?

30 minutes

What is lip augmentation?

Lip contouring is a procedure that involves the injection of hyaluronic acid to correct the shape or size of the lips. To increase them, fillers (gel-like preparations used in cosmetology) are used. Lip contouring allows you to change the shape, eliminate asymmetry and increase the lower and upper lip. Also, with the help of lip correction with filler, you can visually raise the corners of the mouth.

Also, in our medical center, it is possible to perform contour plastic surgery of the nasolabial folds, which is performed in case of the appearance of age-related wrinkles in the area of ​​the nose and mouth.

Lip Fillers Services in Bronx, NYC

Benefits of lip fillers

Looks natural

Fast recovery

Passes safely

Easy to fix

Types of lip augmentation

Today, the A.maks Aesthetics Med Spa offers several of the most popular laser procedures for skin rejuvenation. Depending on the problem and age, you can choose the optimal technique:

Lip injections with filler

Hyaluronic acid is used to change the contour and shape of the lips;

Botox injections

They are used to tighten the skin near the lips and smooth out wrinkles on the face. The procedure allows you to change only the contour of the lips (the size remains unchanged)

Injection of

Due to the use of synthetic compounds during the procedure, there is a high risk of developing complications in the form of allergic reactions, the appearance of bumps after lip augmentation

Lipofilling Injections with lipids

Lipofilling Injections with lipids are administered. The disadvantage of lipofilling is a long rehabilitation period.

Lip correction with fillers is safe and effective. After augmentation, the lips look natural, because the hyaluronic acid used is also produced by the body during life, so its introduction is not perceived by the cells as a synthetic material.

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Until recently, correction of the shape and volume of the lips was possible only through surgical intervention. Today, lip augmentation has become much easier and more affordable due to the advent of contour plastic surgery. Its action consists in the introduction of special drugs designed to fill the intercellular space and thereby create additional volume in a strictly defined area. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to increase the lips quickly and safely, but also to eliminate asymmetry or change the contour. This technique is suitable for those who want to improve the appearance of the lips, but do not want to resort to plastic surgery.

Modern fillers differ in viscosity, size and shape of the microparticles contained in them, which allows you to choose the optimal option for each specific patient. Sometimes combinations of several drugs are used to achieve the best result. This allows not only to achieve an increase in the volume of the lips, but also to preserve their softness and mobility, thanks to which they look completely natural, and the patient does not experience discomfort.

In Bronx, you can contact the A>Maks Aesthetics Med Spa, where, after a consultation and examination, the doctor will select and offer suitable fillers for you.

Lip contouring is preceded by a consultation with a dermatologist-cosmetologist. At the appointment, you need to tell about all the medications you are taking (the doctor may recommend that you stop taking them until the end of contour plastic surgery).

Before lip contour plastic surgery, you should not try new face and lip care products (they may cause an allergic reaction). Additional recommendations before contouring plastic with filler:

  • give up alcohol and smoking a few days before the procedure;

  • do not perform wax epilation or hair plucking in the lip area two days before contouring;

  • do not take blood thinners.

At the consultation, you should inform the doctor about the presence of problems with herpes on the face. To prevent a second outbreak, the dermatologist-cosmetologist will prescribe antiviral drugs.

Lip contouring is performed under local anesthesia. An anesthetic in the form of a cream is applied to the skin of the lips and left for 20 minutes, after which the dermatologist-cosmetologist injects a preparation based on hyaluronic acid into the lips using a small thin needle. The places and number of injections are determined by the doctor depending on the goal of the correction (elimination of asymmetry, increase in volume or change in the shape of the lips).

During one contour plastic session, the doctor injects no more than one ml of filler. The duration of one procedure does not exceed 15 minutes. A course of several procedures may be required to achieve the desired effect.

Swelling, bruising and mild pain at the injection sites may appear after lip contouring, which is normal. Possible complications after lip contour plastic surgery:

the appearance of hematomas at the injection site;

infection with a bacterial infection.

To prevent the development of complications and speed up rehabilitation, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a dermatologist-cosmetologist. After contouring of the lips, you should not touch, scratch or press on the lips for two to three days after the procedure. Until complete healing, you should abandon products that contribute to fluid retention in the body (sausage products, salt and spices). After lip augmentation, you should not drink alcoholic beverages (they thin the blood, cause inflammation) until the swelling disappears.

Within 48 hours after the increase of the upper lip, exposure to high temperatures should be avoided, hot yoga, saunas and baths should be avoided. Severe heat can make the swelling of the lips more pronounced.

The doctor will also advise against flying by plane for at least one week. Air pressure can increase hematomas and bruises that appeared after lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation with a filler based on hyaluronic acid will make it possible to get results after the first procedure. It is possible to fully assess the effect of contour plastic after 10-14 days, when the patient’s swelling after the injections has completely passed. In some cases, an additional procedure for correction may be indicated. The obtained effect lasts from 6 to 12 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, including the speed of metabolic processes, the hormonal background.

Repeating the procedure will help to strengthen the effect.

The required amount of filler is individual for each specific patient. The volume is selected so that it is enough for the necessary correction, but at the same time, so that the lips look natural and beautiful. The minimum volume of the drug is 0.5 ml.

Lips after contour plastic surgery heal within one week. Slight swelling may persist for 7-10 days. Bruises after lip contouring disappear five to six days after the procedure.

After lip augmentation, lumps may appear in the first days after the procedure, which is associated with the accumulation of hyaluronic acid at the injection site. For an even distribution of acid in the tissues of the lips, a dermatologist-cosmetologist may recommend gently kneading the lips.

Strong pressure on the lips or improper massage can cause increased swelling after contour plastic surgery. Therefore, in the event of the appearance of “balls” after lip augmentation, you should contact the doctor who performed the procedure. A dermatologist-cosmetologist will tell you how to properly massage your lips.

The safety of the correction procedure is ensured by a high degree of filler cleaning. With the help of one session, you can solve a whole range of problems: increase the volume of the lips, change their natural contours and shape, give the lips smoothness, softness and sensuality. The choice of the most suitable drug is made by a cosmetologist at a preliminary consultation. The nature of the proposed changes, the features of the patient’s skin, and other individual wishes are taken into account. Safety is an important criterion for this procedure, therefore, in lip contouring, we use only drugs that have proven themselves well and have a quality certificate in the USA.

If you want to add volume to your lips, make them attractive, slightly moist, lift drooping corners, get rid of wrinkles around the mouth – use only the best preparations for lip augmentation or skin biorevitalization, trust only professionals.

These are always available in the A.Maks Aesthetics Med Spa in Bronx, NYC.

Before doing the procedure, the cosmetologist will prescribe a consultation and, if necessary, a study.

You will always have an attractive appearance by contacting the professionals of the medical center.

Lip care after contour plastic surgery will shorten the rehabilitation period. Recommendations after lip augmentation:

  • apply cold to the lips after the procedure. You can use a cold pack of water or an ice cube covered with a cloth (so that the ice does not stick to the lips and does not cause pain). The cold will help reduce bruising and pain after lip contour plastic surgery;

  • avoid physical activity for two days after lip contouring (increased heart rate and blood pressure after exercise can increase swelling);

  • sleep on your back (additional pressure on the lips will increase the duration of recovery);

  • do not rub or massage your lips on the first day after contouring.

Contour plastic surgery of the lips and nasal folds may cause pain for several days after the injection. After the procedure, the doctor will recommend painkillers that you can take.

The lip contouring technique is selected by a dermatologist-cosmetologist at a preliminary consultation. The choice of technique for contour plastic surgery depends on the desired shape of the lips, the need to correct the contour and the presence of asymmetry. With the help of correction, you can get lips of different shapes:

  • “classic” (uniform in width, have a clearly defined contour);

  • “ruby” (bulky lips suitable for women with a long distance from the nose to the chin);

  • “cupid” (a form that implies the presence of depression in the middle and a clear line of the upper lip). To provide the specified shape, only contour plastic surgery of the upper lip is usually required.

At the consultation, you need to tell the dermatologist-cosmetologist exactly how you want to change your lips. The doctor will also be able to advise the shape that will suit you best (taking into account the shape and oval of the face, the distance from the nose to the chin).