Deoxycholic acid injections in Bronx, New York



Deoxycholic Acid injections is treatment improves the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat under the chin known as the Double Chin.
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The dream of a beautiful figure has finally become a reality. Effective weight loss of problem areas is carried out with the help of intralipotherapy. This is a unique cosmetic procedure with targeted destruction of local fat deposits. Deoxycholic acid injection stimulates enhanced fat breakdown and then removes it naturally.

Deoxycholic Acid Injections Services in Bronx, NYC


The best reviews about intralipotherapy showed procedures with Aqualyx. And this is natural, because. This lipolytic has a number of important advantages

Maximum security

Aqualix is ​​the only drug registered in Russia and Europe. It has the appropriate quality certificates.


The sodium salt of deoxycholic acid, the main active ingredient, is a natural metabolite of the human body. This ensures good tolerability of the procedure.


The procedure is performed using the finest Lipoinject needles made of high quality German steel.

Targeted strike

Only fat deposits are destroyed. Nearby muscles retain their previous volume.

Clearly predictable action

The drug acts only in the injection zone, is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not have a systemic effect. Spongy structure promotes slow release and the development of a gradual effect.

Procedure steps

Intralipotherapy is performed in several stages:

  1. While you undress and lie down on the couch, the doctor opens the bottle of a deoxycholic acid drug, draws it into a syringe, and then draws the anesthetic into the same place.

  2. The surgical field is treated with an antiseptic.

  3. A special long Lipoinject needle is put on the syringe with lipolytic, and several injections are made with it – from different sides of the problem area. Needles are inserted deep into the fat fold, where the drug is injected. The position of the needles can be changed without removing the needle from the skin: spread deoxycholic acid in a fan-like manner under the skin.

  4. Re-treatment of injection sites with an antiseptic.

  5. Plastering.

  6. Thorough massage of the treated area – for even distribution of Aqualyx.

Deoxycholic Acid Injections Procedures in Bronx, NYC

The effect of Aqualyx is noticeable immediately, after the first procedure

The most visible effect of Aqualix is achieved in those who come to us to localize fat deposits that do not go away with exercise and diet. That is, you can immediately see how problem areas are leveled out for those whose weight is normal or close to normal. The procedure is suitable for almost all parts of the body.

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Lipolitics injections can not be done for everyone. Therefore, contraindications are evaluated before the procedure. These include:

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • oncological processes;

  • decompensated diseases of the liver and biliary system;

  • inflammatory processes of the skin in the area of ​​intervention;

  • increased bleeding, laboratory confirmed;

  • individual intolerance.

Intralipotherapy is a unique technique that will help to make the figure perfect in a short time.

Correction of local fat deposits (intralipotherapy) at A.MAKS AESTHETICS MED SPA:

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • oncological processes;

  • decompensated diseases of the liver and biliary system;

  • inflammatory processes of the skin in the area of ​​intervention;

  • increased bleeding, laboratory confirmed;

  • individual intolerance.





Areas of correction with deoxycholic acid: upper arms, back creases, abdomen, sides, riding breeches, outer thighs, inner thighs, inner knees, double chin, gynecomastia, lipomas, buffalo hump.

Deoxycholic acid against double chin. Ultrasonic liposuction is based on the goal of effectively influencing fat cells, destroying their intercellular bonds, and accelerating the process of splitting fat cells. Deoxycholic acid corrects the chin to the desired shape within 20-30 minutes. With the help of avalix, you can correct not only the chin, but also the entire face. Intralipotherapy corrects the face according to the same principle as the chin, treating each part of the face separately.

Intralipotherapy makes the belly perfect. Intralipotherapy, the reviews of which indicate that avalix forms an ideal tummy. Deoxycholic acid mesotherapy allows you to fully project the ideal silhouette, where there are no such problems as a bulging or sagging abdomen, bumps on skin areas, and so on.

Deoxycholic acid slimming injections. Deoxycholic acid injections are not entirely for weight loss, but only to eliminate the “corners” on the body, that is, deoxycholic acid injections make the contours of the figure more expressive, while the body weight itself does not decrease.

Deoxycholic acid it is a good and safe alternative to liposuction for those who suffer from stubborn small patches of fat that no amount of diet can help with. Although it is not a miracle cure that can be used against obesity and large body fat, the measurable results are compelling.

Deoxycholic acid is administered two to three times with an interval of three weeks. With just two small punctures per area, fat cells are permanently melted and destroyed in a natural way. The area covers an area of about 4 x 4 inches. Injections are painless and superficial. The fat will dissolve gradually over 21 days or a little longer. Deoxycholic acid itself, after leaving its depot, does not “live” for long – only 3-5 minutes. Due to this, the drug works exactly in the desired area of influence and does not destroy nearby muscle fibers.

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Periodicity: 1 time in 20 days

Anesthesia: Not used

Recommended course: 1-5 procedures, depending on the volume of the fat fold

The effect comes: First – after 5 days, full – after 25 days

Intralipotherapy does not require preparation. It is only necessary to cancel blood-thinning drugs in 4-5 days, and come to the procedure itself a little hungry, and not after a heavy meal.

In the first 3-4 hours, an itching or burning sensation is felt in the treated area. This zone is red and edematous, but after three days these phenomena disappear.

For about two weeks, the area treated with Aqualyx feels “goosebumps” or numbness. This is also normal.

To avoid complications, you need:

  • up to 10 days to wear compression underwear;

  • drink enough non-carbonated water;

  • do not smear the skin with creams, except those recommended by the doctor;

  • exclude alcohol and thermal procedures, including a hot bath.

Chemically modified sodium salt of deoxycholic acid acts within a short time (3-5 minutes). The sodium salt of deoxycholic acid, being a natural metabolite, ensures the complete biological compatibility of the drug, the effectiveness and safety of exposure.

Deoxycholic acid approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of moderate to severe thickening or fat gain in adults in 2015.

There have been 20 clinical trials involving more than 2,600 people worldwide, of which more than 1,600 have tested positive with deoxycholic acid.