Jet peel in Bronx, New York

Jet Peel is a multifunctional cosmetic device, a unique development of Israeli and American scientists. A feature of the device is the ability to introduce vitamin compositions and serums into the deep layers of the skin using gas-liquid exposure.


Regular JetPeel price is $299 plus any requested serums for an additional cost of $50 each. Botox serum Anti-Aging HA serum Bright peeling Renewal complex Cell Regeneration A&E Repair & Firming B5 Scalp & Hair care


Without injections, pain and special preparation, Jet Peel solves the problems of aging and aesthetic imperfection, replaces procedures such as microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, ultrasonic cleaning, face lifting.

Jet Peel Skin Care Services in Bronx, NYC

How it works ?

Through the handpiece, a stream of liquid and compressed gas is supplied to the patient's skin at a speed close to supersonic. The mixture is broken into microparticles 5-40 microns in size, which allows beneficial substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, saturating the tissues with the substances necessary for treatment.

Indications for Jet Pill

  • mimic wrinkles;
  • age-related changes in the structure of the skin;
  • puffiness;
  • cellulite;
  • stretch marks;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • scars, scars;
  • acne
  • diseases of the scalp – dandruff, seborrhea, alopecia.
Jet Peel Skin Care Procedures in Bronx, NYC

Effects after Jet Peel

Jet Peel has a complex effect aimed at solving common skin problems:

  • Intensive skin cleansing. During the procedure, the upper layers of dead skin cells are gently exfoliated. The pores are cleansed of dirt and oil. The skin begins to “breathe” and absorb nutrients better. Due to this, her general condition improves.

  • Moisturizing and oxygenating the skin. Cellular metabolism is stimulated, the immune activity of cells is increased, so the skin looks healthy and fresh.
  • Lifting effect. Massage with a jet of gas and liquid improves blood circulation and lymph outflow. Thus, swelling and bruising go away, the skin tightens, comes into tone, the oval of the face becomes clearer. With a course application, the process of cell renewal is accelerated. The complexion improves, becomes naturally pink.
  • Scalp treatment. With hair loss, it is important to restore metabolism and blood microcirculation in the scalp. A comfortable complex procedure, which includes both cleansing and massage at the same time, is effective both in the treatment of oily scalp seborrhea (dandruff) and in various forms of hair loss. Jet Peel provides a good massage and improves the blood supply to the bulbs. Already after 3-4 procedures, the condition of the skin of the scalp improves.

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Benefits of the Jet Peel procedure


Non-contact gas-liquid skin treatment combines cleansing, moisturizing, peeling and lymphatic drainage in one procedure, and the selection of serums and meso-cocktails allows you to precisely solve a variety of cosmetic problems.

Quick effect

A pleasant fact is that the procedure has a quick, instant and cumulative effect, and there is no need to prepare for it.

Israeli system

Doctors of the A.Maks Aestetics Med Spa are accredited to work with the Israeli system and guarantee a truly outstanding treatment result.

Unique combination

Jet Peel offers patients a unique combination of high efficiency and pleasant sensations in the process.

Amazing results of cleansing

The tip of the apparatus, through which a mixture of gas and serum is supplied under high pressure, is placed at a certain angle of the skin, which gives such amazing results of cleansing and moisturizing in a non-invasive way.

Any necessary nutrients

Since any necessary nutrients, vitamins, microelements and even special meso-cocktails can be directed into the skin through the Jet Peel nozzle, doctors manage to achieve truly effective and visible results.

The most popular serums

The most popular serums: line for improving the appearance of "Skin Renewal" - in the composition of B vitamins, aloe vera, 5-16% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid; anti-aging line "Bio-rejuvenation of the skin" - in the composition of hexa- and pentapeptides, hyaluronic acid of various types and concentrations, plant stem cells; functional line - developments against rosacea, acne, for the scalp and hair.

No special requirements

There are no special requirements for preparation and rehabilitation for the procedure. Season of the year, outdoor temperature and humidity are not contraindications for Jet Peel.

Contraindications for Jet Pill





Procedures on the Jet Peel apparatus are absolutely painless and non-contact, the effect on the skin surface is made with the help of a jet, which gives a feeling of freshness and hydration. The lifting effect is visible immediately after the first procedure, the skin is well hydrated and looks fresher, more even and radiant. The gentle and safe action of the jet allows you to work even on thin skin around the eyes and eyelids. The gas-liquid jet is completely safe for the client, since only natural components (air and water) are used in the work.

Undoubtedly! This is the main feature of the JetPeel gas-liquid technology. Many of us highly appreciate peeling, but until now this procedure has been associated with certain discomfort and the risk of infectious complications – which is why traditional peeling is not customary in the summer. Peeling with the JetPeel device does not have these disadvantages. Gas-liquid treatment of the skin with JetPeel gently and painlessly cleanses and massages the face, smoothes wrinkles, improves lymphatic drainage, and also saturates the skin with oxygen and beneficial substances. Even after a procedure such as median peeling, redness, peeling and swelling of the skin no longer threaten you. When performing medial peeling (polishing), the doctor will advise you to use creams with UV filters.

There are many positive effects from Jet Peel, it is not for nothing that the procedure replaces many hardware and invasive techniques. Among the observed results:

  • exfoliation of old cells;

  • skin smoothing;

  • restoration of the structure of the epidermis;

  • pronounced hydration;

  • lymphatic drainage;

  • improvement of microcirculation;

  • increased muscle tone;

  • disappearance of edema;

  • scar reduction.

After exposure, the skin does not need rehabilitation.

The only limitation is the instant application of cosmetics.

To enhance the healing and rejuvenating effect, it is worth following simple rules for 2-3 days:

  • do not visit saunas, baths, solariums;

  • do not use scrubs;

  • Apply a suitable moisturizer for the skin.

Gas-liquid peeling is carried out in a course of 4-8 procedures, with a frequency of 1-2.5 weeks. This course is enough for 4-6 months. After the expiration of the procedure, you can repeat.

Jet Peel peeling does not require rehabilitation measures. It is important to note that after such a peeling, you can safely visit the solarium or sunbathe in the sun.