Semi Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is, one might say, tattoo makeup: during the appearance of a cosmetology procedure in the upper layers of the skin, a pigment is “laid down” – as a result, a kind of indelible makeup appears on the face.

How much does semi permanent makeup cost?

$Price Varies

30 mins

What is semi permanent makeup?

During tattooing, micro-pigmentation occurs at a level of approximately 0.5 mm from the skin surface. This is the reason why making permanent makeup is less painful than working on a tattoo. Another thing is those very sensitive areas of the skin are treated in the process: lips, eyelids, eyebrows. The basis of many tattoo dyes is glycerin. Thanks to this procedure, it is less traumatic: glycerin dissolves in the tissues.

Semi Permanent Makeup Services in Bronx, NYC

Benefits of permanent makeup at A.Maks Aesthetics Med Spa

Looks natural

We use only special pigments for permanent make-up.

Suitable as a base for make-up

The procedure creates a basic image, emphasizes the natural beauty of the face and highlights.

Doesn't change color

The pigment gradually fades over time. But its original color is preserved.

Forgot about cosmetics

Many of our clients forgot about cosmetics after the procedure.

Passes safely

Passes safely. Instruments are sterilized and stored according to medical standards.

Without pain

Your procedure takes place without pain, in a comfortable atmosphere.

Easy to fix

Permanent makeup is not a tattoo. It does not need to be removed if you are tired of the color or shape.

Natural tone

The natural tone gently glides onto the skin. Your face looks natural with a light touch of makeup.

  • The procedure after which you do not need a cosmetic bag.

  • Does not injure the skin.

  • Gently spray a safe pigment into the top layer of the skin.

  • Your skin perfectly accepts the pigment and heals quickly.

  • Even if you have dyed your hair, we will review your color type and update your look.


Eyeliner upper & lower initial session

In 15–20 minutes (this is how long the procedure lasts when working with the eyes), you can get either arrows, or eyeliner, or filling the space between the eyelashes.

This will provide the most natural result: the eyes will look tinted, and the eyelashes will become visually thicker.

Full lip liner & color

This procedure is intended for those who need to correct the shape of the lips, giving them more volume or clarity to a blurry contour. Tattooing allows you to correct natural imperfections.

Lip color blush

Made-up lips with a well-defined contour every day – this is the result that is obtained after a high-quality tattoo.

Eye brow permanent makeup

Tinted eyebrows of a neat, beautiful shape 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s what you can get after this procedure.

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With every step, the perfect makeup is getting closer.

1. We advise

We set a date, agree on the instructions for the procedure.

We advise on skincare before and after the procedure.

2. we prepare you for the procedure.

We find out if you have any contraindications for materials and preparations.

We select suitable pigments, materials, preparations.

3. We coordinate the work.

We listen to your wishes and draw up a sketch taking into account the color type and shape of the face.

Together with you we approve every stroke of the future image

4. We carry out the procedure.

We prepare your skin for the session and apply anesthesia cream. Carefully fill the area with pigment.

After the procedure, we give a set of skin care.

5. We make a one-time correction.

We carry out a control examination after 30-90 days.

We correct halftones and condense the color. You get the perfect result.

6. We give the perfect image

Your permanent makeup heals perfectly and looks natural.

2 years you are free from cosmetics. It seems to others that you are always “in full dress”.

Permanent make-up will delight you with a beautiful and neat result in approximately seven days. On the site of “improvement” crusts appear, gradually falling off. If the procedure is performed by a qualified specialist, then no redness and swelling will occur.

Renewal of the upper layer of the epidermis is observed after 28-30 days. It is important to control the exfoliation and under no circumstances should you peel off the crusts because this will lead to gaps. You can use the “Permanent Makeup” service at a competitive price in Kyiv. The catalog contains samples of the methodology and reviews of grateful visitors. In the A.Maks Aesthetics salon, you can find only the best expensive equipment, safe materials and first-class cosmetologists.

Special skin care at the tattoo site may be required only for the first time after the procedure, because micro pigmentation still injures the skin.

A few days after going to the beautician, you are likely to spend with swelling and redness. Further, the skin will begin to peel off, and during this period it is important not to do anything with the resulting crust. Wait for it to disappear on its own. Do not scratch the skin in the area of ​​the tattoo. Try to generally avoid activities that can increase irritation. Let the skin recover and help it with healing products.

Experts advise to disinfect it with chlorhexidine and soften it with depanthenol, which at the same time restores tissues. Processing will be needed several times a day; to do everything right, follow the instructions from your beautician.

A repeat visit to the tattoo procedure is always necessary. The fact is that before the first session, the cosmetologist cannot predict with the utmost accuracy how the skin will behave and how the pigment will accept.

The second time, you can correct all the shortcomings, achieve the shade that you wanted to see initially, enhance the brightness of the colors and, in general, bring the makeup to perfection.

The further correction will be needed only at the moment when the paint begins to fade, and the shades begin to fade.