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Juvederm , Restylane, Revanesse family of fillers restore natural volume contour , lift and define facial features. 

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

Hyaluronic Acid Filler
30 minutes

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are drugs used in cosmetology for contouring, biorevitalization and a number of other corrective and rejuvenating procedures. Currently, compositions based on stabilized hyaluronic acid are mainly used. This is due to the fact that it is not rejected by tissues, which happens when using synthetic drugs. The effect is noticeable almost immediately. It remains for 0.5-2 years, depending on the concentration of hyaluronic acid and the density of the stabilizer.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Services in Bronx, NYC

Carrying out the procedure

To date, the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers is one of the safest and fastest methods for solving aesthetic and some medical problems.
The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 60 minutes. On average, half an hour. Anesthesia - application, and some fillers include "Lidocaine". Before the session, the doctor cleans and marks the face, puts dots in the areas of drug administration.

Benefits of a Hyaluronic acid fillers

The naturalness of the result


The speed of the procedure




Over the years, the skin on the face loses its elasticity, wrinkles, folds form, deformation of the face oval is observed, there is a loss of volume and tissue atrophy.

To restore the volume of the face of the doctor’s cosmetology VALCHEN, a new drug is used – the Revanesse filler (manufactured by Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc. (Canada). This is a safe, fast-acting drug with long-term results and a double effect: restoration of volume and stimulation of collagenesis.

The Revanesse filler is one of the longest lasting effective new-generation premium fillers in the beauty industry that has proven to be safe and effective. This line of fillers does not contain animal products, which reduces the risk of immunogenic reactions. Drugs are destroyed naturally in the body.

Revanesse is the 7th hyaluronic acid filler brand in the world to receive FDA approval.

This filler allows patients to effectively and safely restore the volume of the temporal, zygomatic areas, lips, hands, correct folds and grooves (nasolacrimal, nasolabial, labiomental, perioral, etc.), achieve tissue lifting.


Juvederm fillers are used to fill the age-related deficiency of hyaluronic acid in the skin, fill in wrinkles, and correct the volume of facial tissues.

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain moisture in the skin (one molecule holds up to a thousand water molecules). With age, the production and content of hyaluronic acid decreases, as a result of which the skin begins to fade, becomes lethargic, dry, thin. In addition, the activity of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis depends on the level of hyaluronic acid. The lack of collagen leads to sagging, reduced elasticity, turgor, formation of wrinkles, folds.

The manufacturer of drugs Juvederm (Juvederm), the company Allergan, USA occupies a leading position in the field of aesthetic medicine (the creator of the drug Botox, and a number of others). This guarantees exceptional quality and product safety. Hyaluronic acid is optimally suited for correcting aesthetic defects, age-related changes and signs of skin aging. At the same time, it is completely biocompatible, does not cause allergic reactions. Within a few months, it completely dissolves in the skin.

Juvederm filler injections restore the content of hyaluronic acid, activate collagen synthesis. Thanks to this, a quick rejuvenating and corrective result is achieved:

  • the skin is well-hydrated,

  • small, medium, deep wrinkles are smoothed out,

  • nasolabial and other folds are reduced,

  • improves the contours of the cheekbones, cheeks, chin,

  • the skin becomes more toned, elastic, elastic,

  • drooping corners of the mouth, eyelids are eliminated.


Restylane is the generic name for a line of bio revitalization and contouring products developed by Q-Med Laboratories. This Swedish company is part of Galderma holding, which occupies a leading position in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging cosmetology.

All Restylane fillers have a common feature – they use biosynthesized hyaluronic acid of the highest degree of purity. This eliminates the presence of protein impurities, guarantees the absence of allergic or inflammatory reactions. These drugs do not violate the natural metabolic processes in the skin, but rather optimize them.

Restylane is used for bio revitalization. Its main effect is to moisturize the skin by increasing the content of hyaluronic acid. It helps to slow down the aging of the skin, and is also used to prevent skin aging at a relatively early age.

Restylane fillers are also actively used to increase the volume and improve the shape of the lips. Also, with the help of Restylane, the oval of the face, the contours of the cheekbones and chin, and cheeks are corrected.


Radiessе Volumizer is a new generation filler designed for non-surgical face correction, creating a long-lasting effect of wrinkle smoothing.

The filler has a dual action: it stimulates neocollagenesis and works as a filler. With the help of Radiesse, the tissue restores the missing volume, the face acquires a young oval, and the skin becomes more elastic. The filler is injected deep into the dermis or subdermal layer, with a thin needle or cannula, safely correcting all wrinkles and folds. Over time, the drug is completely biodegradable, without causing complications or rejection.

Given the possibility of using different dilution techniques, Radiesse injections are excellent for any part of the body. If Radiesse is in a less concentrated state, it perfectly stimulates the body to naturally synthesize collagen. If the specialist uses microneedles or a flexible cannula, the filler copes with age-related and aesthetic problems in areas with thin, sagging skin or insufficient volume.

Indications and contraindications

Any medical and cosmetic preparation must be used according to indications, as well as subject to certain restrictions.

Indications for the use of HA-based fillers:

  • scars, wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds;

  • uneven skin;

  • dark circles under the eyes;

  • the unaesthetic shape of lips, cheeks, cheekbones, etc.;

  • brow folds;

  • various traces of trauma, post-acne.

HA Fillers Procedures in Bronx, NYC


  • increased body temperature;

  • the tendency of the skin to form keloid scars;

  • herpes in the acute stage;

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • diabetes;

  • dysfunction of internal organs;

  • blood clotting disorder;

  • recent laser resurfacing, deep or medium peeling, photorejuvenation.

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The specialists of our clinic will help you choose the best drug for you based on your individual needs.


  • One of the most popular uses of hyaluronic fillers is lip augmentation and/or correction of their shape, contour, elimination of drooping corners and wrinkles;

  • eyebrows (removal of brow folds, or the so-called “wrinkles of anger”);

  • eyes (to eliminate “crow’s feet”, adding volume to the eyelids);

  • forehead (removal of mimic wrinkles);

  • face (oval correction);

  • cheekbones (adding volume);

  • the back of the palms (rejuvenation);

  • any area of the skin (filling scars);

  • ears (correction of the lobes);

  • cheeks (replenishment of volume, giving relief).

The advantages of hyaluronic fillers for the face and body are that hyaluronic acid is a substance contained in skin cells and is responsible for retaining moisture in the intercellular space. With age, its synthesis slows down, a deficiency of this substance is formed. The skin becomes less elastic, dry, wrinkles and other imperfections appear. Fillers compensate for the deficiency of hyaluronic acid, restoring skin elasticity, beautiful color and pleasant texture. Moisturizing occurs, stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen, regeneration processes begin. At the same time, the preparations have a gel structure, due to which they fill the intercellular space well and slowly dissolve (biodegradation takes from 6 to 24 months).

Types of hyaluronic fillers

The results of recent studies suggest that the optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid in the filler is 22 mg/g. Preparations based on it also contain a stabilizer. Its concentration is considered optimal at the rate of 0.5 mg / g. Most often, the stabilizer is BBDE, that is, butanediol diglycidyl ether, less often DVS (divinyl sulfone). It is the concentration of the stabilizer that provides the desired cosmetic effect, however, the higher it is, the higher the risk of an undesirable consequence in the form of an allergic reaction, since these substances are no longer “native” to the skin.

Fillers are divided into:

Monophasic (hyaluronic acid content – 15-26 mg / g). Examples: Teosyal, Juvederm, Stylage. Evenly distributed in the folds of the skin and under it. They differ in elasticity, are easier to be introduced under the skin and are corrected after the introduction by manual influence. Secondary correction after use is almost never needed. Biodegradation proceeds evenly. They are used to correct and enlarge the lips, fill in wrinkles, including facial wrinkles, post-acne, scars, improve skin tone.

Biphasic (HA – 22-23 mg / g). Examples: Restylane, Perfectha Derm. They allow you to work with larger imperfections than single-phase ones. They have a high density, so manual correction is difficult, they have a smooth texture, they are more difficult to inject under the skin and distribute under it. Biodegradation occurs unevenly. Primary – up to 30%, so contouring requires correction after a while. The main advantage is the long-term preservation of the effect due to the high density. Even if a deep lifting was performed, the primary result will be kept up to 1 year. They are used for correction and lifting of the face oval, filling deep wrinkles, correction of the tip and back of the nose, chin, cheekbones, lip modeling.

Harm from hyaluronic fillers will be reduced to an absolute minimum if you strictly follow the recommendations of a cosmetologist. Possible side effects include:

pain syndrome for several days after the procedure;

hematomas and puffiness (normal variant);

fibrous contracture;

inflammation in the treatment area;

vascular embolism.

Puffiness forms in the treated area. In order not to strengthen it, you can not eat salty and spicy foods. Dry ice is recommended to reduce swelling.

You can not overheat the impact zone – visit the sauna, bath, and sunbathe, including in the solarium.

For 14 days after the correction, scrubs and peels should not be carried out.

For 30 days, it is necessary to refuse massage of the treated area, as well as wax depilation.